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Project / Program : AID Solar Mission

Solar Mission is an AID program to provide Solar Home System (SHS) technology mainly to the rural people to meet up their energy thrust.  , has been initiated since 2012. A country without energy cannot progress economically.  But there is a remarkable gap between electricity generation and demand in our country. On the other hand a vast number of people are living in the off-grid rural areas in darkness. They cannot scale up or upgrade their economic activities for want of electricity. Therefore, it is an utmost need to find out alternative energy source for the people of the off grid area to rescue them from energy poverty. Solar Home System (SHS) a technology of Renewable energy can be an answer to the problem which tap the sunlight to provide lighting and power for running small electronic equipment such as mobile phone, TV, Radio, etc. at the same cost as the kerosene used by the villagers for their daily life. It is an environment friendly technology produces energy without creating any environmental degradation. The solar energy system can also be used to power computer and bring internet to the villages.


  • To rescue the rural people of the off-grid area from energy poverty through distributing the approved Solar Home Systems (SHSs) in household levels where grid electricity is absent or unlikely to reach in the near future;


  • To scale up or upgrade the economic activities of the rural people;
  • To create opportunities for the rural people to get access in ICT;
  • To contribute in national level to meet up the energy crisis of the country; and
  • To accelerate the dissemination of SHS across Bangladesh by extending loans or micro credit to households in the program areas.
Working Area: Jhenaidah, Magura and Chuadanga district under Khulna Division.

Development partners:  Dutch Bangla Bank, Trust bank, Modhumoti Bank and NRB Global Bank Ltd.

Achievement:   Installed 2578 SHS units for the year.

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