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Project / Program : Improved Cooking Stove (ICS)

For cooking, rural people of Bangladesh mostly depend on traditional Chulla. This type of Chulla is comparatively inefficient for producing heat energy but emits huge smoke which causes of our in-door air pollution affecting women and children. Improved Cooking Stove (ICS) can protect women and children from in-door air pollution and it requires about 50% less fuel. It reduces health hazards and is easy to construct and maintain by usual local materials. It also protects forest areas as fewer trees are cut-down due to less fuel consumption for using in cooking. So, obviously itís a cost effective and environment friendly cooking system.  AID has initiated this program in 2014 as a Partner Organization (PO) of IDCOL. Before partnership of IDCOL, AID had 5 (five) years past experience on this program that was implemented by the technical support of VERC, a Non-government Development organization its own fund.


To bring about the behavioral change of cooking habit of the rural people and to protect health risk of women and children from indoor air pollution through making smoke free kitchen at the rural households by introduced ICS.

Working Location: 4 Upozilas under Jhenaidah District (Sadar, Harinakundu,Sailkupa and Kaligonj) 


2097 ICSs installed in the project areas

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