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Project / Program : Demand for Rights of the Excluded and Marginalized-(DREAM)

Since inceptions, AID Foundation is very committed, specific, and sincere to bring the socio-economic uplift and establish the rights of the women and children of the society. Bangladesh is primarily an agrarian country where more than 70% populations are directly or indirectly depend on agriculture. But, in fact, the agriculture sector is generally neglected sector in our country especially the farmers. Hence, AID Foundation initiated the Agricultural Development Program with an aims at ensuring the rights and the accessibility of farmers to the government provided facilities and technological support. Under this program, AID Foundation has already successfully implemented a projects ‘Access Creation and Association Building for Agricultural Development (AABAD)’ during the period were January 2009 to July 2013, funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) with an overall objective “to ensure the rights of the farmers and their accessibility  to the government provided  facilities and technological support”.

Presently, AID Foundation has been implementing the name of “Demand for Rights of the Excluded And Marginalized (DREAM) project as a thematic continuation of AABAD for the next three & Half Years from August 2013 to December 2016 at six Upazilas of Jhenaidah district, such as Jhenaidah Sadar, Shaikupa, Harinakundo, Kaligonj, Kotchandpur and Moheshpur Upazial. Since the extension of this project AID is working for the farmers rights and supports them to develop their capacity in the different arena including institutional responsiveness, and other services relating to health, education, safety net support in the local level. In this perspective, AID is going to implement this project for the development and establishment of the rights of marginalized people and vulnerable women of this target areas through organizing them and ensuring their accessibility to the information and services provided by the government (agricultural and other public service provider agencies) and making these government agencies people oriented, dutiful and accountable. Along with other services the health and education services are very essential to bring about the changes of the life style of the poor and marginalized people. Awareness on primary health care and treatment services could be ensured by the community health center and satellite clinic. Similarly Education Department with the initiative of Union level Standing Committee and School Management Committee (SMC) can provide mass education for the community and quality primary education to their children. Necessary initiatives will be taken under the project to make the concern service providing agencies more responsive.

Village level organization will be a platform of the poor and marginalized people which they could raise their voice to get into access in the different services provided by the public agencies. So it needs to be greater attention to make the village level organization strengthening through awareness raising workshop, seminar, meeting etc. A follow up mechanism will also be established within the village organization in such way that implementation status of the decisions taken in the orientation/workshop with the public service providing Institutions will be reviewed during the meeting of the village organization.   

 In this context, AID Foundation submitted this project along with other activities to establish where Social Actors will be deployed. Those committed Social Actors will play a vital role to attain the rights of the poor and marginalized people through developing their capacity in organize manner. 

Project summary
























Primary School




Community Clinic




Union Health Complex


*Programmatic areas     : Ensuring responsiveness of public institution

*Goal                                     : Peoples’ poverty and vulnerability reduced

*Purpose                            : Service delivery institutions are more responsive

*Output  -1                         : People are organized to claim to their rights

*Output  -2                         : Capacity of citizens in project areas to monitor activities of govt. service delivery institutions.

*Output  -3                         : Capacity of the duty bearers increased.


Output- 1

People are organized to claim their rights.

Output  -2

Capacity of citizens in project areas to monitor activities of govt. service delivery institutions.

Output  -3

Capacity of the duty bearers increased.

* Base line survey

* Formation of  Union Federation 

* Quarterly meeting with Standing committee at UP level

* Formation of Primary Group

* Formation of  Support group Odhikar Mongh)  at Upazila level

* Workshop  with  LGI  and community for ensuring   their mandated  role and responsibilities       

* Formation of Village Development Committee (VDC) among Primary Group

* Formation of  District  Odhikar Monch  at District level

* Workshop with Dep. of  Social Welfare , Women Welfare Affairs and Community  for the service delivery and ensuring   their role and  responsibilities

* Bi-monthly session of Primary Group

* Selection of  Social Animator at Village level

* Workshop with SAAO and Community for the service delivery and ensuring   their role and responsibilities.

* Bi-Monthly Village Develop. Committee (VDC) meeting

* Quarterly  meeting with Union Federation

* Workshop about the  service with  Service delivery agencies and  Farmer /Beneficiaries

* Day Observe : Inter. Human Rights day

* Quart.  meeting with Upazila Odhikar Monch

* Training of Project Staffs for Capacity Development.

* Day Observe : National Agricultural Day

* Quart.  meeting with District Federation

* Public Hearing at Upazila level on DAE, DWA, DSW, Education and Health services

* Day Observe : International Literacy Day 

* Quarterly  meeting with Social Animator at Upazila level

* Community Scoring on Education and Health services.

* Day Observe : World Health/RTI  Day  

* Quarterly meeting with SMC

* Orientation on participatory selection process (PSP) for LGI & allowance committee

* Set up Citizen Charter for UP, CC, School

* Quarterly  meeting with Odhikar Monch at Upazila level

* Mothers  assembly at Dist. Level

* Quarterly  meeting with Odhikar Monch at District level

* Exposer visit with Group Members and staffs for experience sharing to similar field of other org.

* Workshop with SMC  for developing school governance 

* Enrolment campaign/rally, reception for newly enrolled children and parents gathering

* Training for the Social Animator on Social Accountability  and Leadership Development 

* Support to Cultural program

* Training for the Community Clinic Management Committee  Members on role and responsibilities

* Listed of Social Safety net Beneficiaries.

* Odikar monch seminar

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