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Project / Program : AID Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICTS)

This is the age of digitalization. The Bangladesh government is committed to build a Digital Bangladesh where all technologies will be operated electronically. AID also believes that effective use of information technology can play a major role in development aspect. Hence AID Foundation has established its Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICTS) in 2015 with an objective to provide in-house support to the organizationís extensive network of information systems and to make its employee electronically skilled. The sector is responsible to oversees ongoing  process of computerization of AID all offices which will promote timely and effective dissemination of information. Out of its multiple activities, internal communication, media relation, publicity materials and advertisement development, exposure programs, website communication towards ensuring a proper understanding of AID and its activities by internal and external audiences are the major functions.   

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তথ্য মেলা ২০১৭ এ এইড ফাউন্ডেশন এর অংশ্রগ্রহণ - September 28, 2017
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