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Project / Program : AID Nakshi Bari

Nakshi Bari

Nakshi Bari project, a handicrafts center of AID Foundation, has been initiated in 2015. Women of our society are comparatively more oppressed. Poverty is the main cause of the oppression as the women are the economically dependent on their mail counterpart.  Suicidal tendency is also increasing in some cases for this reason. Getting escape from this cursed situation it needs to create an employment opportunity for the women. Nakshi Bari is such an initiative which serves the twin purposes, one is to create an employment opportunity for the women and other is to promote and preserve our traditional art culture.

Goal of the Project:  To enhance the standard of living of the poor, helpless, oppressed and disadvantaged women in the society through creating an employment opportunity by handicraft and to promote our traditional art and culture through training, production, marketing, research and preservation.

Objectives: -To organize the women who are capable of doing work

- To provide necessary training for increasing their working skill

-To built the poor people particularly the women as development partners

- To assist more production through increasing working skill and to encourage the people for using     health friendly local commodities.

-  To increase the utmost utilization of local resources and to make the product easily obtainable for the public.

- To create a revolving funds in coordination with the development partners for sustaining the project.

- To reduce the crimes of women oppression through building public awareness.

- To increase public awareness and to exposure the expansion of commodities with the necessary informationís of the project through publications.

To make the quitted and useless materials into resource through use of it. 

 - To expand the local handicrafts in the global market

 -To create happy coordination between lives and livelihoods of selling and expansion of handicrafts by exposure this traditional culture through arranging cultural festivals

- To provide training, ensure production and preserve of the handicraft

- To initiate related necessary program in order to accelerate national development.

- To built a network with the related and likeminded organizations.

Activities and Achievement:

-  Development partners Selection of.

-  Trainings of development partners. 

-  Materials Supply

-  Production

-  Quality Controlling

-  Establish sale centers

-  Network based programs for getting popularity in the global market

-  Participation in multipurpose exhibition fair.

- Revolving funds creation

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