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AID launched its Microfinance program in 2002 with aims to make credit available to poor especially, women at reasonable price to promote their economic development and to operate self-sustaining credit activities. AID believes that the poor people have enormous potentiality to improve their economic vulnerability if they are provided with money to invest it in productive activities.  On the other hand Economic empowerment of the women is very essential for their enlightenment, voice raising and decision makes process within family and society. The major components of the program are Micro Credit for the Poorest Women, Rural Housing for the Poorest and Special Savings Program (SSP)

Project No-1      : Micro Credit for the Poorest Women

AID has initiated its Micro credit program since 2002 with an objective “to make the grass root level disadvantaged people self-employed and self-dependent through providing them Micro Credit to initiate Income Generating Activities (IGA) with and by developing their skills and capacities”.

At present AID have 28 microcredit offices across the Khulna and Dhaka Division providing small size loan for the rural women those are most vulnerable and marginalized. Utilizing this loan through different activities such as, small trading, cow rearing, goat rearing poultry rearing, paddy husking etc the vulnerable women are changing their position in the society and family by coming out from the economical dependency on male guardian. Thus the microcredit is not only contributing the women empowerment but also contributing in the national economy.

General features of AID Micro credit:

Ř  It provides the loan only for women for their empowerment;

Ř  Developing the entrepreneurship by the rural women;

Ř  Developing weekly savings habit for their  future economic development; 

Ř  Raising awareness among the rural women for their rights;

Ř  Developing the leadership quality among the rural women through group formation;

Ř  Providing loan for the women those are excluded from the mainstream society the (Dalits);  

Ř  Developing democratic culture among the rural women; and

Ř  Skill development of the micro credit borrowers.

Working Area: Working Area:

§  District cover- 06(Jhenaidah, Magura, Chuadanga, Meherpur, Jessore, Dhaka);

§  Upazila cover-  14


§  No. of Branch-  28

Key Activities and Achievement in 2015:

  • Group formation- 1348
  • Group members- 24152
  • Savings- Tk.5,36,96,402
  • Loan Disbursement for the year-23,62,54,000
  • Borrowers- 19681
  • Loan Outstanding-23,11,34,446

Loan Recovery rate- 99.74%

Development Partners:

UCBL, NCC Bank Ltd, Padakhep, Dutch  Bangla Bank, Standard Bank, IFIC Bank, Modhumoti Bank , Trust Bank Ltd., ’ FSIB, Farmers Bank, Mercantile Bank, BCBL, SBL and Prime Bank.

Human resource training for the micro credit Borrowers:

For the skill development of the micro credit borrowers AID conduct the human resource training among the clients. Through the group based training provided by the AID it has developed the life skills of the poorest women and enlarging their capabilities.

Project No-2                      : Rural Housing for the Poorest

One of the major needs of an individual is housing. But most of the rural and urban poor have no proper housing facility or no house at all. Realizing the situation AID initiated the project Rural Housing for the poor in 2003 to provide credit support with lower interest rate with an objective to reduce the rate of the houseless people by the financial assistance of Bangladesh Bank Housing Fund.     

The main features of rural housing for the poor are-

- Construct the strong and storm protected house;

- Develop the safe and comfort house in rural area; 

- Provide credit with lower interest rate (5%).

Development Partners:  Bangladesh Bank Housing Fund

Working Area:  3 Upazila of Jhenaidah District

Key Activities and Achievement up to 2015:

Ř  Beneficiaries- 306
Ř  Loan Disbursement - Tk.93,55,000
Ř  Loan Outstanding - Tk. 33,21,427
Ř  Loan Recovery rate -99.20% 

Project No-3                : Special Savings Program (SSP)

Savings provide security for old age and serve as contingency fund during disaster. It may also be used as fund for consumption, childes education and other investments. So it is essential for all to deposit savings for their own interest. Microfinance program has given an opportunity to its microfinance group members and the people outside the group members to deposit their savings with any category of the scheme under this Savings Program. This savings program has three categories of scheme, such as, monthly deposit with a fixed amount of range from Tk 100 to 10,000 for 10 years known as “Special Savings Program (SSP)”, Fixed deposit at least Tk 50,000, at a time for 5 years known as FDR and 3 years duration  monthly interest receivable FDR.

At the end of tenure period the accumulative savings amount with calculative interests can be withdrawn

Objectives:  To develop a savings habit among the people and to contribute in the growth of national economy.


i.                     SSP depositors: 16282,
              Amount: Tk. 10293541
ii.                   FDR depositors; 55
              Amount: Tk. 12,10,000
iii.                  FDR (monthly interest) depositors: 
Amount: Tk. 22,00,000 

Rate of interest of this AID savings program not at all less than any other schedule Bank rather greater to a some extent.

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