AID Tobacco Control Project

Mobile Court Can Bring A Change in Smoking at Public Places & Transports.

Mobile Court Operation as a prime task of the Task Force Committee has changed the picture of the Public Places and Transports of Khulna Division. At present with the strong advocacy of AID Tobacco Control Project, the Task Force Committee is promised to ensure bringing the Public Places and Transports smoke free. As a result very often Mobile Courts are operated in various Public Places and point of sell to make people aware of Tobacco Control Law. Besides, to implement the TC law more effective, financial penalty is strictly fined where the law is violated. As a result, now people are becoming aware of smoking in Public Places and Transports and non smokers are getting a better environment to inhale fresh oxygen in Khulna Division.

NGO Co-ordination Meeting held in Magura & Satkhira.

NGO Co-ordination Meetings held both in Magura and Satkhira district on 15th November, 2014, which were chaired by Laila Kaniz Banu, the Executive Director, RDC and Md. Abul Hossain, Executive Director, MKS
respectively. In Magura, decision was taken to hold a Smoke Free Campus Campaign in Govt. College, Magura. In both meetings, the major discussion was taken to continue advocacy with the task force committee to continue regular Mobile Court Operations. A proposal came that the SUBASH members could take the anti-tobacco movement a step forward using social media, which was highly appreciated. In this regard AID promised to provide all necessary support.  Besides, frequent advocacy could be done with the authorities of municipalities on how effectively the Smoke Free Guideline would be implemented in their municipality area. In Satkhira Dowa Baksh Sheikh, PC, and in Magura, Advocate Tonmoy Kundu, APC, attended the meetings on behalf of AID.

Smoke free letter issued by DEO & DPO and warning note in prescription
used in Hospitals of Khulna Division

It is our great pleasure  to inform all concern that DEO And DPO of all districts of Khulna Division have issued a letter to the school
authorities under their respective jurisdiction directing them to keep their institutions smoke free. Similarly from the outdoors of the District level Hospitals the prescriptions are given to the patients with impressing a seal of warning note against tobacco use. This will go ahead up to the clinics and Upazilla level public Hospitals as decided in the advocacy workshops with the health professionals in all districts in presence of respective Civil Surgeon

Smoke Free Municipality Guideline Signed in Magura Municipality, Magura.

The Mayor, Mohammad Iqbal Aktar Khan has signed Smoke Free Municipality Guideline today on 26th October, 2014 in the general meeting of the Municipality. By this activity the tobacco control movement will surely go a step forward implementing Tobacco Control law. Counselors, Teachers, journalists and representatives of civil
society were also present there. Advocate Tonmoy Kundu, APC, AID -Tobacco Control Project – PROTECT attended the program on behalf of

National No Tobacco Day Observed in Khulna Division

National No Tobacco Day observed individually in most of the districts
of Khulna Division today on 9th October, 2014 by AID – Tobacco Control Project – PROTECT in association with all partner NGOs. The day was celebrated with colorful rally, human chain and discussion meetings.
People of various occupations and ages participated the program spontaneously.

Advocacy Workshop with Health Professionals in Bagerhath and Meherpur

Advocacy workshop with health professionals held in Bagerhath and Meherpur Civil Surgeon’s conference hall on 29th and 30th September,2014 respectively. In Bagerhath the meeting was chaired by the Civil Surgeon Dr. A.F.M. Rafiqul Islam where in Meherpur the meeting was presided by the Civil Surgeon Dr. Islamil Faruk. In both the meetings,decision was taken to regularize the upazilla Task Force meeting. Besides, another decision was taken that UHFPOs would motivate and discourage their patients about smoking and any type of tobacco consumption. They would also encourage their root level health workers
so that they motivate people giving up smoking. Other concerned participants attended the meeting. On behalf of AID-Tobacco Control
Project – PROTECT Dowa Baksh Sheikh, the Project Coordinator, attended both the meetings.

Smoke Free Municipality Guideline Signed in Lohagara Municipality, Narail.

Implementing Tobacco Control Law at Public Places and Public Transports in Lohagara Municipality, the Mayor, Advocate Md. Newaz Ahmed Thakur has signed Smoke Free Municipality Guideline today on 14th August, 2014 in a meeting with Municipality authority. Counselors, Teachers, journalists and representatives of civil society were also present there. Among the participants the Secretary Md. Sirazul Islam ; the Counselors, Mrs. Dilruba Khanam, Md. Mozam Khan, Md. Mizanur Rahman; Engineer Md. Safiul Islam ; Taxation Officer, Roxina Khatun of the municipality ; Press Club Secretary Md. Simul Hasan and Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Headmaster, Lohagara Primary School were noteworthy. It is noted that the first draft of the guideline was proposed in previous meeting. Later on, with the opinion of municipality authority, the draft was finalized. Advocate Tonmoy Kundu, APC, AID – Tobacco Control Project – PROTECT highlighted the ways of implementing the guideline and by this initiative the general people will be highly benefited as he mentioned. Mayor anticipated the heart felt support from everyone implementing the guideline.