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Aid Training Center

From the beginning AID has incorporated training as integral part of all development programs in order to inform and educate the employee and improve their knowledge, skills and behavior.  The training program formally established in 2002 in the name of AID Central Training Centre (ACTC) with a goal is to improve the management competencies and fulfill the capacity development needs of AID program professionals and to enhance the human and operational skills of the program participants. ACTC is a well-equipped complete training center with capacity 42 residential facilities. It is a three storied building with a natural beauty situated in the bank of river Nabagonga.  The training centre has also a skilled and experienced trainer’s pool who is engaged to develop all sorts of training modules as per need and conduct training for both in-house and external organization’s training programs. There is also a scope in the centre for the other organization to arrange training, workshop or seminar on rental basis.

Activities performed in 2015:

I. In House Capacity Building Training:

§  Nos. of Training courses-25

§  Nos. participants- 991 in  25 batches

II. Training conducted by other organizations:

·         Nos. of Training course- 11

·         Nos. participants- 340

III. Meeting, workshops and conferences: 120 days


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