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AID Building Resilience of Returning Migrants from the Andaman Sea through Economic Reintegration and Community Empowerment Project–DIBP
August 16, 2016

The Andaman Sea Crisis has brought to light the ongoing tragedy of thousands of Bangladeshi and Myanmar nationals... read more

December 17, 2015

AID launched its Microfinance program in 2002 with aims to make credit available to poor especially, women at reasonable price to promote their economic development and... read more

AID Tobacco Control Project -PROTECT
December 16, 2015

For saving the public health from the harmful effect of smoking and using tobacco products, the Government of Bangladesh enacts ‘Smoking and using of Tobacco products (Control) (Amendment) Act, 2013.’... read more

Disable Children Rehabilitation program
December 16, 2015

About more than 10% of the population in Bangladesh are either physically or mentally disabled and some of the cases are combination of these two. Anybody may be disabled naturally... read more

AID Nakshi Bari
December 16, 2015

Nakshi Bari

Nakshi Bari project, a handicrafts... read more

AID S4 Program (`Save Agriculture, Save Farmers, Safe Food Save Environment‘)
December 15, 2015

o read more

Demand for Rights of the Excluded and Marginalized-(DREAM)
December 15, 2015

Since inceptions, AID Foundation is very committed, specific, and sincere to bring the socio-economic... read more

December 15, 2015

Knowledgeable and skilled staff is an integral part of an organization for its growth and expansion as the total performances... read more

AID Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICTS)
December 15, 2015

This is the age of digitalization. The Bangladesh government is committed to build a Digital Bangladesh where all technologies will be operated electronically. AID also believes that effective use of information technology can play... read more

Pre-school education for the economically poor families’ children
December 14, 2015
Solar Irrigation Project
December 13, 2015

Bangladesh is a country of highest population density. So, to meet up the food requirement of the huge population it needs utmost utilization of land with highest production. Irrigation is one of the major factors for producing more... read more

AID Mobile Banking
December 13, 2015


read more

AID Solar Mission
December 12, 2015

Solar Mission is an AID program to provide Solar Home System (SHS) technology mainly to the rural people to meet up their energy... read more

AID Biogas
December 12, 2015

The average cooking requirement per family per day is estimated to be 5 hours in rural households In Bangladesh. Each household needs about 3 tons of biomass per year for cooking purposes. Assuming... read more

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program
December 10, 2015

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program is the largest social... read more

Improved Cooking Stove (ICS)
December 10, 2015

read more

Shurjoshena Pathagar
July 01, 1982
Not Set

Every nation has its own traditional art and cultures. No nation can be progressed by neglecting their traditional art and culture. It is always an inspiration... read more

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