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Project / Program : Pre-school education for the economically poor families’ children

AID foundation started its education program in 1998 with inclusive education of disable children initially through 03 centers. Over the period AID includes adult education, non-formal primary education and basic education for the children involved in hazardous work place in its Education program. At present AID is implementing two projects for Pre-school education for the economically poor families’ children and Special Education for Children with Disability.

Most of the people of Helai village of Kaligonj Upazila under Jhenaidah district are illiterate and live with the poverty. Due to their illiteracy and poverty they are not interested to send their children into the school as they are not able to afford the educational expenses. To provide basic education among the children of economically poor families AID established a school in 2007 with the support of the European Commission and lets them to continue the support by Save the Children.  At present, it has been runing by the AID of its own financial support. There are 30 children of the poorest family studying the pre-primary education following the government curriculumn in each year.


Children get access in the school in each year- 30

Special Education for Children with Disability:

Realizing limitation of access of children with disabilities in schools due to lack specialized facilities , AID has provided the special education for the children with disability at community level of Jhenaidah district named   “Speech and Hearing Impaired School” by the support of Stichting Liliane Fonds-SLF, Netherlands. This is an ongoing project since 2006. This school provides the basic education and made them able to admit in the mainstream school through the Auditory, Oral and Sign Language method.

Objective of the project:

To ensure the basic education for the speech and hearing impaired children and rehabilitate them in the main stream education system. 

The major actitivities performend in 2015:

§  Provide the education materials among  children with disability- x

§  Children with disability  continuing their education- 25

§  Provide hearing aid among the hearing impaired students – 07

§  Provied stipend for the children with disability –07

§  Provided school dress for the  children with disability - 10 


Major Achievement in 2014:

     ·         100% students are able to read, write and counting in the school;

    ·         73% students communication skills has developed among the children with disability;

    ·         12 students admitted in main stream education in each year in Jhenaidah;

    ·         03 students passed from class four to five in this year;

    ·         01 students passed form class three to four in this year;

    ·         08 students  have successfully passed in the Primary School Certificate examination



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